West Greenland, DiskoBay

On this voyage you have the choice of travelling either on the luxurious Sea Spirit or in no less luxurious surroundings, but in addition in a very small group of a maximum of 12 passengers on the M/S Balto

Day 1 - Arrival in Ilulissat or Kangerlussuaq, depending on the chosen ship and embarkation.

Day 2 - 10
Even though there seem to be many settlements in this part of Greenland, the extremely changeable weather, the ice and the often only moderately well developed infrastructure (port facilities) make Greenland a pure expedition!
Our route is highly dependent on the weather and especially the ice conditions. Your experienced captain and the expedition leader determine the route daily on site and plan according to the local conditions in order to offer the best expedition experience.
Possible places to visit could be:

Sisimiut - Greenland's second largest town has a youthful appearance and is known for its adventure sports and for the many Greenlandic sled dogs. The Sisimiut Museum has a special exhibition on settlement history dating back 4,500 years.

Qeqertarssuaq - On the volcanic island of Disko is the small village of Qeqertarssuaq. It was founded in 1773 as a whaling station and is one of the oldest settlements in Greenland. A landmark of Qeqertarsuaq is the octagonal church, which is popularly known only as "Our Lord's Inkwell". Icebergs often beach themselves on the black sand beach and make for great photo opportunities.
Ilulissat - The name of the town could not have been better chosen: Ilulissat means "icebergs" and these are pushed from the ice fjord into the open sea in unimaginable quantities. One of the most productive glaciers in the world is responsible for this mass production of ice, and a hike or boat trip offers unforgettable views. The birthplace of the famous polar explorer Knud Rasmussen now houses a museum and a visit to the art museum is also recommended.

Eqiq Sermia: Eqip Sermia offers one of the most beautiful glacier break-off edges in the Arctic. At this time of year there is likely to be plenty of sea ice left and the Mouth Angle Glacier does the rest by calving large icebergs frequently and regularly. .

The approach to Uummannaq is an unforgettable sight in any weather. Colourful houses seem to cling to the mountain, icebergs float in the bay and everything is overlooked by the heart-shaped rock that gives the settlement its name. Legend has it that when you visit Uummannaq, you leave behind a piece of your heart that will call you back again and again until the end of your days. You explore the place with the old settlement houses, the church, the museum and the remains of failed Arctic expeditions.
Day 11 - Our last morning We leave the ship after breakfast in Ilulissat and fly to our home town