Antarctica Cruises

Falkland-Islands - South-Georgia - Antarctic Peninsula

Falkland Islands, albatros,
You'll love the unique wildlife of Falkland and South Georgia: see albatrosses in their breeding colonies, wander through many thousands of Penguins, Crabeater- and Fur seals, watch Sealeopards, Wedell seals, Blue Eye Cormorans, etc.

As an experienced mountaineer, you can join a group of 12 ski touring enthusiasts and cross South Georgia along the Shackletonroute. You pull your own sled (20-30 kg) with your personal and group equipment (cooker, food, fuel) across partly mountainous terrain..

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica, Plancius,
During this Antarctic cruise there is an opportunity to observe all eight antarctic species of Penguins. Emperor penguins, King penguins, Adelie, Maccaronipenguins, Rockpenguins, etc. Enjoy he fascinating landscapes, they will long remain in your memory.

Sailing to Antarctica

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Experience Antarctica as the pioneers in the 19th century did: on a beautiful sailing ship, the three-masted barque Europa. A great journey, the outstanding experience of nature combined with romance - not only for nostalgic!

South-Shetland Islands - Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica, pinguin,
An Antarctic expedition includes many highlights: the crossing of the Antarctic convergence, the crossing of the Drake Passage, or even a landing on the Antarctic Peninsula. See mighty icebergs at the deep blue sky, visit historic sites and research stations, see Penguin colonies in their natural environment and look out for seals and whales.

Antarctic Aircruise

Antarctica, pinguin,
A two-hour flight takes you from Punta Arenas, in the Chilean Patagonia, directly to Antarctica where you board your expedition ship. You thereby avoid the stormy seas of the Drake Passage and experience only the best Antarctica has to offer.