Discobay – Eternityfjord ( Evighedsfjord) Aurora borealis

Day 1 - We arrive in Aasiaat from Kangerlussuaq by chartered plane. Aasiaat is a settlement which was created in the 17th century to support the whaling at the mouth of Disco Bay. Its port is ice free from late spring to early winter.

Day 2 – Today we find ourselves just south of the large Jakobshavn Glacier with its enormous icebergs. The Jakobshavn Isfjord is a World Heritage Site. Just south of it we may climb a hill and enjoy the view across the bay with icebergs.

Day 3 - The island groups of Hunde Ejland and Kronprinsens Ejland at the mouth of the Disco Bay, are surrounded by rich waters which attract both seabirds and whales. We intend to call at the small settlement on Hunde Eijland where old dwellings of Greenland’s Thule culture (dating from the 11th century) and graves from 18th century Dutch whalers can be seen. This is a good area to observe Humpback Whales

Day 4 - We arrive at Sydbay (Ukivik) on a beautiful sandy beach, where the 18th Century whalers traded with the Greenlanders during the annual Assivik, an occasion when people from a large area come together. We land also at nearby Isortoq with remains of houses of the Thule culture. In this area we may see reindeer.

Days 5 -6 Kangaamiut at the mouth of Evighedsfjord (Eternities fjord) is a friendly Greenlandic village where people still indulge in handicraft. Some way into Evighedsfjord near the glacier fronts of Sermetsiaq and Taterat Sermiat we are surrounded by mountains of nearly 2000 m high. In the mouth of this fjord system we often see Humpback Whales.
Day 7 – In the Søndre Strømfjord surrounded by towering mountains, we can meet currents of up to 7 knots ( 12 km), thus we may need some time to sail the whole length of 170 km. At the south side of the fjord, the valleys at Safartoq and Angujafortik are much frequented by groups of Musk Oxen. We will land there to observe them from a distance

Tag 8 – Disembarkation at Kangerlussuaq
We arrive at Kangerlussuaq a former American air base, these days an intercontinental airport, from where we fly to Copenhagen.