Svalbard/Spitzbergen Cruises

Polar Bear Expedition Special

polar bear
The journey takes you to the remote regions of Nordaustlandet with its smaller islands. The ship then turns North advancing up to the edge of the polar ice. You have the opportunity to observe many polar bears, walrus colonies and the varied BirdLife of Svalbard.

Circumnavigating Spitzbergen

two walrusses,
A voyage around Spitsbergen, where you have chances to see the King of the Arctic, Walruss, Reindeer, various bird species and surprisingly beautiful flora.

Circumnavigating Spitzbergen with Kvitoya

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A 10 nights voyage around Spitsbergen including Kvitøya, We hope to get to the rarely visited Kvitøya farthest to the east, close to the Russian territory. The island is dominated by an icecap, which leaves a small area bare of ice and snow. We will land at the western tip at Andréneset, where the Swedish explorer André and his companions perished in 1898. We will also try to get to Kraemerpynten in the east, where an enormous group of Walrus resides.

Spitzbergen - NorthEast-Greenland

NE-Greenland  mountains
A 12 night voyage starting in Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen) sailing along the Northeast coast of Greenland into the rarely visited National Park, ending in Akureyri (Iceland).

Spitzbergen Winter Safari

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This voyage gives you an insight into Svalbard's nature in winter: In only 6 days you will travel across the island and visit breathtaking highlights. You will hear about the famous discoverers whose names are forever linked with Svalbard. And you will meet locals of different nationalities who live here because they love the Arctic.
This is a short but very intense journey, rich in impressions and accessible to all who are in good physical condition.

Spitzbergen - Aurora Borealis

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The October Spitsbergen travels, at the onset of winter, are ideal for observing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).