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Bark Europa

The EUROPA was built in 1911 under the name of “Senator Brockes” at the Stulcken shipyard in Hamburg, at the request of the city of Hamburg. The ship was put into service as Elbe 3 lightship on the river Elbe, and later worked as a stand-by vessel. In 1986 the ship was brought to the Netherlands. Over a period of 8 years, she was completely rebuilt and rigged as a three-masted barque. The rebuilding and conversion to a sailing vessel was carried out under the supervision of the Dutch Shipping Inspection, Bureau Veritas and Register Holland. She sails with worldwide certificates from each of these authorities and she complies with the highest requirements for sailing ships.
The Bark EUROPA is registered as a sail training ship and as such you will be mustered as voyage crew. This means that, more so than on a passenger ship, you will get extensive safety instructions and we ask you to join in the watch system. Participating in sailing and running the Bark EUROPA is part of the overall experience on board. The level of participation will depend on your interest and physical condition.

Technical details
Staff & crew: 10
Length: 56 meters (168 ft)
Breadth: 7 meters (22,9 ft)
Draft: 3,9 meters (8 ft)
Max sail area: 1250 m2
Propulsion: 2 x 365 hp
Speed: 9 knots maximum
The restaurant is large enough to accommodate all passengers, so that meals can be taken together. Still, there is a separate bar with reading table. The ship is ideal for expeditions to small islands and has ample room for passengers on the outer deck, even if the ship is under sail. Two sturdy inflatable boats (Zodiacs) allow landings and excursions to remote and inaccessible areas which can not be visited by big ships.

A sailing ship at sea in strong winds is much steadier than a motor vessel. Most will get used to the motion of the ship after a few days. Being relaxed when you come on board, a nutritious diet, and sufficient sleep are the best ways to
overcome seasickness. If you fear that you might be susceptible to seasickness, you can take pills for seasickness. Please buy these before you leave home. We advise against anti-seasickness patches placed behind the ears due to possible side affects. During the crossings of the Drake Passage there will regularly be strong winds. In Antarctica we sail in sheltered waters and nobody will be seasick.
The ship accommodates 34 passengers in 12 cabins. All cabins have an en-suite toilet and shower
Services included in the price:
• Cruise in booked category
• All meals on board, including tea and coffee during 24 hours
• All Zodiac excursions
• Popular science lectures on board and ashore
• Detailed travel documentation
• Port taxes