The Ships

Rembrandt van Rjin

The sailing ship "Rembrandt van Rijn» has been used for the fishing of herring at the beginning of the last century. It was rebuilt in the year 1994 in the Netherlands as a three mast schooner for passenger operation and sailed in Spitsbergen and the Galápagos Islands. In 2011, the ship was newly rebuilt and restored. It is equipped with modern communications and navigation technology and meets the high safety requirements.
The ship accommodates 34 passengers in 17 cabins (1 twin cabin with porthole without shower / WC, 6 twin inside cabin with shower / WC (no door), 10 twin outdoor booths with shower / WC with porthole).
Technical details
Passengers: 33 in 16 cabins
Staff & crew: 12
Length: 56 meters (168 ft)
Breadth: 7 meters (22,9 ft)
Draft: 2,5 meters (8 ft)
Ice class: - (The bow of the vessel is enforced and is therefore suitable to sail in the Greenlandic waters.)
Displacement: 451 Ts
Propulsion: 2 cummins engines together 550 KW
Speed: 9 knots maximum
The restaurant is large enough to accommodate all passengers, so that meals can be taken together. Still, there is a separate bar with reading table. The ship is ideal for expeditions to small islands and has ample room for passengers on the outer deck, even if the ship is under sail. Two sturdy inflatable boats (Zodiacs) allow landings and excursions to remote and inaccessible areas which can not be visited by big ships.
Services included in the price:
• Cruise in booked category
• All meals on board, including tea and coffee during 24 hours
• All Zodiac excursions
• Popular science lectures on board and ashore
• Detailed travel documentation
• Port taxes